аmаz𝗂nɡ “m𝗂rасⅼе bаbу ɡ𝗂rⅼ ⱳаѕ bоrn ⱳ𝗂tһ аmn𝗂оt𝗂с ѕас ѕt𝗂ⅼⅼ 𝗂ntасt”

Only 1 in 80,000 births are still in the amniotic sac
Giving birth in the amniotic sac is a very rare phenomenon when the baby is born with the same body in the amniotic sac as when in the mother’s womb. According to experts, the rate of births still in the amniotic sac is very rare, only about 1 in 80,000 births – including cases where babies are only surrounded by the amniotic membrane. Babies born with their entire bodies encased in the amniotic sac are much rarer.

A baby born with an amniotic sac is one of the very rare cases
Giving birth in the amniotic sac does not differ from normal delivery. Instead of breaking on its own, the doctors will puncture the amniotic sac to break and remove the baby, and the baby will not have any serious problems in the process. Although rare, in the world and even in Vietnam, these special cases of childbirth have been recorded.

Rare caesarean section with intact amniotic sac
Recently, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Thu Cuc International Hospital has just performed a caesarean section for pregnant woman Tran Thi Huong and the special thing is that the baby was born in the amniotic sac. Doctor Phan Dinh Sau – who directly performed the surgery for pregnant women shared: “It was really surprising when the baby was born with the amniotic sac still intact surrounding the body.”

According to Dr. Sau’s share, usually the amniotic sac will break, under the influence of uterine contractions during the mother’s labor or when there is a scalpel. This is the first time the doctor and the team of the obstetrics department of Thu Cuc International General Hospital have been taken out of the mother’s womb still in the amniotic sac.

As for pregnant mother Tran Thi Huong, she shared: “After hearing the news about my baby’s condition, I was quite surprised. I can’t believe my baby was born still in the amniotic sac. I didn’t get to see that moment, but having the surgery crew capture it and show it to me, it’s really great.”

It is known that during her pregnancy, Huong monitored and examined at Thu Cuc General Hospital, doctors also advised and guided her a lot. Thanks to that, her pregnancy went smoothly, favorable for a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Sign up for the package Maternity service, so this is also the place where the family welcomes their angel.

“The 9th of October is quite light and the journey to give birth is equally gentle. With no armpits to carry, the couple arrived at the hospital with only a bag of documents. After examining and preparing for prenatal procedures, I was taken to the operating room. Everything happened quite quickly, after only about an hour, I heard the doctor’s announcement that the baby was born, with the amniotic sac still intact.” – Ms. Huong shared.

The doctor then performed amniocentesis, performed a slow cutting of the umbilical cord, and continued with the postpartum care procedures. Seeing how the doctors were considerate and gentle with her children, she also felt more at ease.

Next, I had skin-to-skin contact with you, that moment was really wonderful that there are no beautiful words to describe.
Miraculous birth and wonderful days in hospital
“I used to imagine a journey through labor with pain and fatigue, but when I directly experienced it, everything was different. The days of hospital stay were enthusiastically monitored and supported by doctors and nurses. Every day, the doctor comes in to check on both mother and child, cleans the mother, bathes the child, the nurses take care of both, the clothes and utensils of both mothers are prepared by the hospital. There’s really nothing better than that,” Huong shared.

Pregnancy and labor is a wonderful journey that God bestows on a woman

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