Тһе рһоtоѕ rесrеаtе tһе һаunt𝗂nɡ сһ𝗂ⅼԁb𝗂rtһ fоr tһе mоtһеr.

10 Images That Display The Exceptional Power Required to Deliver Birth

No matter the specific circumstances, childbirth is hard. It’s difficult for the mother to breathe as she fights through each contraction; it’s difficult for the mother to hold on while she waits for her epidural; it’s hard for the mother quietly compose herself under the bright lights of the OR, waiting for her Ϲ-section to start; and it’s hard for the mama working to keep calm as she brings her preterm baby into the world sooner than she’d planned.

It’s a moment that changes a family, a mother, and the world. The moment a new baby enters the world everything changes. The occasion is momentous, and more and more often photographers are embedded in mothers’ birth teams, ready to preserve a family’s history as it happens.

I felt such a connection with this mother when I took this photograph. I thought that women all over the world would look at it and say, “Yes. I was there once. Stay strong!”

This mama worked hard to birth her baby into the water, with the father and her midwife there to support her.

To bring her third child into the world, this mother endured a “precipitous” (i.e., a very quick, very intense) labor. She gave birth to her child in her father’s arms two minutes after this picture was shot.

This mom was induced, early, and although the intensity of her contractions rolled over her incessantly in waves, she roared her baby out into the world at 36 weeks. I will remember her vulnerability and strength forever

This mother showed so much strength as she endured over 11 hours of labor, which included hours of pushing. When she began to tire during the pushing, her lovely doula gave her a scarf to wrap around the birthing bar to aid in the process.

The mother’s strength is what you witness most during labor and delivery, but it can also be boosted by having an incredible support system. I loved witnessing this moment — after hour 15 of a 36-hour long labor — which shows the dedication and passion these partners felt for each other.

The strength women exhibit during labor and birth is inspiring. This mama possessed power that I’ll still reflect back on — often!

This powerful mother threw her hands out to grab and meet her new baby son after giving it everything she had during her 24-hour unmedicated labor!

Tears of pain and struggle that turned to tears of joy and disbelief when this first time mama finally held her baby in her arms. Her own mother provided her with excellent support throughout her incredibly quick and difficult labor.


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