𝖴n𝗂ԛuе ‘ѕurrеаⅼ’ с𝗂rсuⅼаr v𝗂ⅼⅼаɡе 𝗂n 𝖣еnmаrk.

Located on the outskirts of Copenhagen (Denmark), Brondby Haveby (or Brondby Garden City) is planned with houses and gardens arranged in a unique circular arrangement. (Photo: Boredpanda)
Brondby Garden City was designed by landscape architect Erik Mygind in 1964. (Photo: Boredpanda)
It is no coincidence that the architect chose this arrangement for the village. (Photo: Boredpanda)
The idea behind these circles is to encourage social interaction. (Photo: Boredpanda)
Each house here has a large yard to grow trees and crops. (Photo: Boredpanda)
Brondby Haveby is often hired by Danes working in the busy city, eager to enjoy the fresh air. (Photo: Boredpanda)

Seen from above, Bromdby Gardem City looks like am amazing circular “paradise city” right on Earth. (Photo: Boredpanda)

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