120+ Beautiful Daisy Tattoo Designs and Meanings (2023)

Daisy Flower Importance
Daisy has historically been a component of many major civilizations. Even the cold-blooded Vikings were moved by the beauty of a white daisy bloom. Daisy flowers were commonly given to pregnant women or little children on their birthdays by old Norsemen.

The mythical truth that the Norse Goddess Freya wears Daisy’s bloom inspired this practice. Daisies were considered a fitting present for mothers since Freya was venerated as the goddess of fertility by the Vikings.

The Vikings were not the only people who were drawn to daisies. The simplicity and grace of a daisy blossom was also valued by Old Englishmen and Anglo Saxons. Daisy flowers were commonly used to greet visitors in European countries.

Daisy flower tattoos are not a new fad; in fact, these patterns have been popular since the 1900s. Formerly, Daisies were solely favored by moms or ladies who adored children. Yet, it was gradually adopted by males as well. Daisy was a popular tattoo design among World War II troops. Several soldiers favored it because they wanted to demonstrate their preference for peace over violence.

The fad attracted popular media attention when celebrities like as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Post Malone were seen having daisy tattoos on their bodies.

Significance of Daisy Tattoos
Daisy tattoos are rich with symbolism and significance. You may use any design you choose, as long as it expresses the meaning/message you want to convey. Here are some of the most popular interpretations you can pursue.

Patience – Vikings were notorious for their ruthless battle practices. They were notorious for viciously murdering their victims. Nonetheless, one classic Viking tradition is that they would frequently practice in a daisy flower field. This was due to the fact that the scent of fresh daisy blossoms in the morning gave them the endurance and patience to practice hard all day.

You might have a daisy flower tattoo with the same meaning.

Innocence – Daisies were employed by Victorian Catholic churches. These were given to Christ figures as a symbol of innocence and purity. Daisy tattoos are popular among Christians for this reason.

You can get a white daisy blossom tattoo to represent the purity and innocence in your spirit.

Daisy was also used to symbolize peace and prosperity throughout World Wars.

If you are a peace-loving person, a daisy tattoo might be ideal for you. Several tattoo artists include white doves in a daisy flower tattoo, which you may also try.
Daisy Tattoo Positioning
Daisy tattoos are often modest to medium in size. We frequently receive requests for large-size daisy tattoos, but I highly advise against going any larger than 8 inches. A lovely daisy tattoo design should be 4-6 inches long. You have no problems using the small or minimum version.

If you are going for a tiny daisy tattoo design, then get It inked on fingers or behind the ear. If you are going for a small or medium size then the ideal parts to try it are on your shoulder, bicep, forearm, wrist, chest, back, or neck.

Girls can try daisy tattoos on their thighs, calf, or even feet as well. Men can get a black and white style daisy tattoo on their chest as it can indicate that you have had a dull past but now you are over it.

Here we have chosen 140+ most beautiful daisy tattoos that will suit both men and women –

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