18 spectacular natural phenomena in the sky

The world is wild; sometimes there is a heavy layer of fog, sometimes there is a gloomy gray, and occasionally there is

a bright, clear sky. Sometimes the color of the sky might evoke certain feelings in you; it can make you feel dull, amazed

, or just pleased. Other times, though, we may not even notice the color of the sky at all. But the images of all these

natural occurrences are spectacular.

While there’s no denying that the earth is a beautiful place, there are moments when we need to gaze up and see what

the sky has to offer.

A list of breathtaking sky occurrences is provided below (or sky-related)

#1 Queen Butterfly

#2 Cloud format




#7 Giant water bubble


#9 Volcano about to erupt

#10 God descends

#11 Clouds Mammatus

#12 Halo on the sea

#13 Lenticular clouds

#14 Look at the cloud as an object about to descend

#15 Doomsday

#16 Super tornado is about to take shape

#17 Halo

#18 Pink infinity sea


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