1988 Porsche 911 “Turbo” 930 Turbo Cabriolet

The 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo is a classic sports car that is still admired by many car enthusiasts today. This car was part of the 930 series of the 911 Turbo, which was produced from 1975 to 1989. The 1988 model was the last year of production for this series, making it a particularly desirable model for collectors.

The 911 Turbo was known for its powerful engine and distinctive design. The 1988 model was powered by a 3.3-liter, six-cylinder engine that produced 282 horsepower and 289 lb-ft of torque. This was paired with a four-speed manual transmission, which allowed drivers to fully experience the car’s raw power.

One of the most notable features of the 1988 911 Turbo was its wide body, which gave it a more aggressive and muscular look than the standard 911. This was accompanied by flared wheel arches, a distinctive rear spoiler, and a large air intake on the engine cover. These design elements not only looked great but also improved the car’s aerodynamics and cooling.


The interior of the 911 Turbo was also well-designed and comfortable. The seats were supportive and covered in high-quality leather, and the dashboard and controls were arranged in a logical and user-friendly way. Some models even had a sunroof, which added to the driving experience.

One thing that set the 1988 911 Turbo apart from other sports cars of its time was its handling. The car was known for its excellent balance and agility, thanks to its rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel-drive layout. This made it a joy to drive on winding roads or at high speeds on the highway.

Overall, the 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo was an exceptional sports car that remains highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts today. Its combination of powerful performance, distinctive design, and excellent handling make it a true classic that continues to inspire and impress.

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