20 Greatest “Two-storey Narrow Home” Design Ideas, Tiny Yet Full Functions

The mentality behind narrow home designs has also changed along with how far they’ve come. The truth is that buying and living on a small or narrow piece of property can be a terrific investment for many reasons, despite the fact that some individuals may have previously felt a little claustrophobic at the prospect. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a tiny home design can be functional and reasonably priced.


You might not have enough ground to build across with a narrow home plan, but you can definitely build up. When you build an additional level onto your house, there is still a lot of square footage available.

When you build up, you can choose a home design with bedrooms upstairs for added privacy while having open and spacious living areas downstairs.

One of the key advantages of a narrow home design is that costs are cheaper on smaller lots of land. You can afford to buy a tiny or narrow piece of land and then use it to construct your dream house.

The leftover money can be spent on other luxuries within the home such as furniture and home decor.


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