20 tons of gold buried with 426 people beneath the American sea.

In 1857, a steamship called the SS Central America set sail from Panama towards New York City, carrying over 400 passengers and a cargo of over 20 tons of gold. However, the ship encountered a hurricane off the coast of South Carolina and sank, taking the lives of 426 people and burying the gold deep beneath the ocean’s surface.

For over a century, the location of the shipwreck and its treasure remained a mystery until it was discovered in 1988 by a team of scientists and treasure hunters. The wreckage was found more than two miles beneath the ocean’s surface, where it had remained untouched and perfectly preserved since its sinking.

The discovery of the shipwreck sparked a frenzy of excitement among treasure hunters and investors, who hoped to recover the lost gold. Over the next several years, multiple expeditions were launched to recover the treasure, but they were met with a series of setbacks and legal challenges.

In 2014, a court ruling granted the rights to the recovered treasure to a group of investors who had financed the most recent expedition. The treasure was valued at over $50 million and included thousands of gold coins, bars, and nuggets.

The story of the SS Central America and its lost treasure has captured the imaginations of people around the world, as it serves as a reminder of the dangers of the high seas and the potential for riches and adventure that still exist beneath the ocean’s surface.

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Be Hieu