35 Ideas for Low-Cost Chicken Coop

With the recent huge egg recall, many individuals are thinking about buying their own flock of hens. Farmers have been farming backyard fowl for over 3,000 years, but in the last five years, it has become affordable to even the most inexperienced farmer.

You’ll be able to grow them naturally, free of hormones and medicines, and let them range about your yard instead of confining them in a cage. Each hen will produce around 300 eggs every year.

Chickens raised in the backyard are healthier. Factory farmed chickens are housed in cramped quarters and are frequently fed an artificial diet laced with hormones and antibiotics in order to boost development rapidly and inexpensively.

The extra stress of an unpleasant environment impacts the flavor and nutrition of the eggs, as well as the number of eggs produced by each hen.

Chickens will help your garden. Because they are natural foragers, free-range hens (those not confined to a coop) will scrape the earth in search of tasty bugs such as grubs, earwigs, and the same pests that devour your summer fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, turning the soil will aerate it, break up plants, and speed up the decomposition process.

Chickens teach children a valuable lesson. It is critical that children develop a relationship to their food and comprehend the farm-to-plate cycle. Youngsters will enjoy gathering eggs and feeding them on a daily basis.


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