35 Lovely “A-frame Home” Design Ideas, Compact Form, Unique Contemporary Design

An A-frame house is not very large usually featuring only one storey and many windows along both the front and back.

This is not surprising since this technology has been popular in Europe for some time.

In fact, the style grew in popularity during the mid-1950s into the 1970s. Nowadays, many people consider this option when choosing the type of their future home due to its advantages.

An A-frame home is in its element almost in every climate, especially efficient in warm areas. The construction of an A-frame house has excellent thermal insulation despite rather thin walls. During cold, harsh weather, its heavily sloped roof does not allow snow to build up. This means reduced risk of damage and collapse.

An A-frame house concept provides space for various construction solutions and many exterior and interior planning options. For example, the frame technology allows concealing all utility pipelines within the walls, while ventilated cladding allows a house “to breathe”.

Therefore, you can forget about high humidity, fungus, etc. In addition, builders use eco-materials for construction of A-frame houses such as timber, which is safe for the health of all home dwellers. Such houses usually boast curb appeal.



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Be Hieu