49 “gardening with a sitting spot” ideas to relax and enjoy

It is a garden with a sitting corner. Will decorate it as a garden or garden next to the house or back of the house Along with being a corner for sitting in the body Add green space to relax in the house. There are areas to relax and walk. Create a warm atmosphere for the house. It is beautiful and meets the needs of each home. There are 49 designs to choose from.

Build a pavilion for the sun and rain in the garden can sit without fear of the weather.

A single chair was raised to sit and read a book in the garden peacefully.

Arrange tables and chairs, marble benches to sit under the shade of large trees.

Make a wooden alcove as a gathering seat.

Sitting on the walkway in the garden

Wooden swings carried to be arranged in the garden next to the house.

Decorated with cobblestones to make the floor walkable.

Make a high table in the style of a bar counter.


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Be Hieu