51 Beautiful Home Designs Surrounded by Greenery and Completely Linked to Nature

Today we have gathered together the ideas of Baan Ing Aeb nature, beautiful, focusing on airiness and lush garden.

It emphasizes the sharp architectural lines, reflecting the proportions of interior living and furniture. Around the house there is a green garden area. Surrounded to look natural and comfortable. There are 51 ideas to choose from. Let’s come to see it as an inspiration.

Ideas for a house in the middle of nature.

Modern wooden house open to the garden. The calm and green of the garden.

Connects to gardens and walkways to different parts of the house.

Airy house in the middle of nature with clear glass walls to help blur the boundaries of the house.

The house is in part with the surrounding nature.

A house in harmony with nature is built in an area with trees.

Connect the external environment, bring nature into part of the house.

An open-walled house connecting natural areas and a refreshing fishpond.

A house that allows natural light to penetrate into every room.

Tropical Modern house spreading the freshness of nature in every corner of the house.

The small garden has a glass wall to make it part of the house.

Wooden house with a courtyard for planting large and small trees and vegetable gardens.

Open house, connected to nature, surrounded by trees.

Modern house connected to the garden with a resort-like atmosphere.


Decorate the garden in the middle of the house to create an atmosphere close to nature.


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Be Hieu