6 𝖸еаrѕ Muѕt 𝖧аvе Bееn M𝗂nutеѕ tо 𝖦оԁ – Асtоr Ѕеѕаn Аⅼаb𝗂 аnԁ 𝖶𝗂fе 𝖶еⅼсоmе 1ѕt Сһ𝗂ⅼԁ Аftеr 𝖸еаrѕ оf 𝖶а𝗂t𝗂nɡ

It is indeed a moment of joy and celebration in the household of Nollywood actor, Sesan Alabi, who just became a first-time father.

The actor and his wife welcomed their first child after six years of waiting on the Lord to bless them with an addition to their family.

A thankful Sesan extended his gratitude to God and proceeded to mention that the six years of waiting must have been minutes in the eyes of the Almighty.

The actor also shared pictures of his maternity shoot photos of his wife, which were taken when she was heavily pregnant.

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