60+ Gorgeous Lace Tattoo Designs for a Feminine and Trendy Appearance

The classic design of a lace tattoo can embody several styles, from romantic and classy, to alluring and sensual. The multi-faceted design of a lace piece transitions remarkably well into a delicate tattoo design that attracts attention and interest from everyone you meet.

The versatility of lace and the uniqueness of each design means you’ll have an individual piece that no-one else has thought of wearing. The rising trend in lace tattoos supposedly originates from the popularity of the mandala hand tattoo designs from 2013. The ornate line designs of lace tattoos mimic the delicate patterns of this fabric. This tattoo design is a symbol of grace and beauty, and it’s often incorporated into Victorian designs. You’ll find lace-wrapped roses, or additional visual components like jewels, flowers, and even darker Gothic motifs like skulls.

Inking a rose wrapped in lace on your upper arm is a great choice. The delicate petal of the rose and elegant lines of the lace creates a delicate and timeless look and feel to the tattoo. Lace adds a sophistication to the tattoo that accentuates your womanhood, capturing the essence of your spirit and mind.

Lace designs work well with crystal and jewels, allowing for the contrast of colors and lace’s black lines. Adding lace creates a cohesive design that links together all the elements in a single piece. The garter is one of the hottest trends in a lace tattoo design. Garters provide a sensual touch to the tattoo, looking fantastic in black or shades of grey. The lacey garter design is sexual and enticing and looks outstanding on the upper thigh.

Lace designs draping the shoulders are popular choices, with rhythmic lines and patterns accentuating the curves and musculature in your back and shoulders. We like lace tattoos on the thighs, wrists, ankles, and around the neck, providing a subtle feminine touch with outstanding sex appeal.


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Be Hieu