A 2000-year-old tomb in Nan Chang has been discovered, revealing golden plates and ceremonial weapons (video)

Gold plates and ceremonial weapons have been discovered in a 2000-year-old tomb in the East China city of nan Chang. The 20 plates measure about 10 centimeters wide and 23 centimeters long. These gold plates were likely the tomb’s owner’s go-to reserves. Archaeologists have discovered 378 gold items in the tomb, making it the largest discovery of gold items in a Han Dynasty era tomb today.

Since each erroneous step might cause damage and make future study and protection more difficult Birds and daggers were also discovered in the tomb, as well as six shields; these weapons were used for ceremonial and were not genuine weapons. Real weapons were created in a shop to stab or slash, but these ceremonial weapons were made of lacquer. The tomb’s main chamber is currently being excavated.

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Be Hieu