A beautiful Vietnamese house designed in a beautiful style

Veiled in the elegant splendour of nature, this beautiful villa is the majestic home of a three-generation family unit. Designed by Nghia-Architect, delicate curtain creepers fall around the edges of lengthy terraces, creating stunning pockets of peaceful privacy. A contrast of cool concrete and warm wood flows from the modern home exterior into contemporary living spaces. Long skylights bring sunlight flooding in to blur the boundaries between interior and outdoor space. Circular light wells perforate concrete overhangs on the veranda to allow trees to push through towards the sky. Floor plans and a video sneak peek of this fabulous family home are included at the end of our tour.

The modern home exterior glows with inviting light, which adds to the mystery of the shrouding curtain creepers.

The home was designed to serve the different lifestyles of the three-generation family. While the grandparents are accustomed to a traditional Vietnamese lifestyle, the younger family members are acquainted with a modern, multicultural way of living.


The family elders have resided in this area of Vietnam for a long time, so they have built strong connections with their community, and enjoy interacting with their friendly neighbours on a daily basis. A continuous veranda around the perimeter of the home offers a multitude of spots for entertaining. A round light well brightens the area that is predominantly shaded by a concrete overhang.

A mature tree stretches up through the light well, where it seeks out the sun.

There is a second circular cutaway that makes room for an outdoor spiral staircase.

A solid wall divides the veranda just behind the staircase, building a substantial privacy screen that overhangs the garden.

The privacy wall sections off one of the bedrooms and its adjoining terrace area.

Terracotta coloured render gives the concrete wall a warm aesthetic.

An outdoor chair furnishes the bedroom terrace to create a spot for quiet contemplation or reading.

Curtain creepers sway prettily in the breeze.

The second and third generations of this family travel home to Vietnam only a few times a year, so this unique home was designed to include large spaces that would accommodate celebratory family gatherings and social events.

Since there are large differences in the lifestyles of the family members, due to age and culture, a variety of indoor and outdoor living spaces were created to suit different needs and wants.

Large communal spaces were made flexible, so that they can be opened up or closed off. Living spaces peacefully connect with the lush gardens and courtyard.

During the construction of the family villa, much of the native pine tree forest was conserved.

The villa structure extends in different directions to accommodate the landscape, and to protect the pine trees as its own gardens.

Whilst large, the architectural structure succeeds in blending well with its natural surroundings.

Thanks to its green veil, the house is only distinguished by the outline of its upper and lower rooflines. Raw concrete and natural wood grain form a rustic look that coincides with a modern lifestyle.

The sophisticated design of the roof canopy gives the building a thin, gravity redefining look. As it edges the length of the building, it creates a wide, 30 metre long open porch with no sign of a structural column.

Wood slatted shutters open the side of the building to connect with the nature-kissed veranda.

Inside the villa, a wooden dining table seats eight to ten people at dinner. A lightweight dining room chandelier falls in front of the special view. The open porch forms a place where the homeowners and guests can gather after dinner, to take in a breath of fresh air or to admire the rainfall.

Behind the dining area, a contemporary kitchen is equipped with all of the modern appliances needed to cater for large family gatherings.

Green plants and sunlight characterise the cheerful walkways of the home.

Skylights open the connective corridors to the blue sky.

The family residence is divided into three main blocks.

Two private sleeping blocks, each with their own living rooms, are located at each side of the structure.

The central block is home to the kitchen and dining room, which serves as the primary communal space and as a connecting link to all areas.

A glass wall bathroom is elevated above a private garden, with the bathtub situated up front to absorb the green view.

A glass wall bathroom is elevated above a private garden, with the bathtub situated up front to absorb the green view.

A designer chair provides a stylish pitstop against a board-formed concrete wall.

A pivot door makes a secretive entryway into one of the master bedrooms.

Wire balustrades and concrete treads make up a striking staircase design.

Mature pine trees dwarf the large villa.

Mature pine trees dwarf the large villa.

When all closed up, the beautiful wooden shutters fully encase the main living block to stunning effect. Sunlight steals thorough skylights to add to the naturally striped aesthetic.

At sunset, LED lights are set aglow in the floor to uplight the wood slatted home exterior.

The first floor plan illustrates the layout of the three main blocks, with the communal kitchen diner sandwiched between the two private sleeping blocks. Guest rooms are situated at the back of the house, adjacent to a house keepers wing and storage space.

In the second floor plan, we find two more bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

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