A dad Shared a photo of Himself Breastfeeding his newborns

The first child of Maxamillian and April Neubauer of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, was born on June 26 and is named Rosalisa Lupita Valentina.
Rosalisa was born through emergency cesarean section because April had preeclampsia and excessive blood pressure; shortly after giving birth, April experienced a seizure. The nurse asked Maxamillian whether he wanted to use the complementary nursing approach she had developed to milk April while she was unconscious and recovering in the ICU following a second seizure.


The new dad gladly accepted because their birthing plan did not include wearing a skin-to-skin contact shirt with the baby. Maxamillian said: We needed to give her some formula and finger feed, the nurse advised, just to get her going.The nurse then prompted me to decide whether I wanted to genuinely Breastfeed by sucking on my nipple. I joked that why not because I’m a big fool and will try everything once.

Maxamillian was the only father at the hospital who was willing to try the novel strategy, so the nurse was surprised by his eagerness.
I’ve tried numerous times, she claimed. My gaze is typically one of scepticism. Why would I make such a bizarre request? And Max concurred. He responded, “Hell yeah, let’s do it.”

In order for the father to be the first to feed his daughter, the nurse fastened a plastic nipple shield with a feeding tube connected to a syringe filled with a formula to his chest.
The touching sᴄᴇɴᴇ of Maxamillian nursing her baby daughter while hugging her is captured in photographs. Rosalia’s tiny head is conveniently positioned directly beneath Maximillian’s tattoo of a heart with Mother written in the centre.

The pleased father posted the pictures to Facebook that day and explained that April couldn’t nurse because of complications from an emergency cesarean section.
He wrote: I had the good fortune to stick on a suction cup fake nipple thanks to this epically fantastic offer from this super rad nurse. becoming the baby’s initial Breastfeeder. Eat your heart out moms, I did it for you.

More than 30,000 people have shared the pictures, and many comments have praised Maximillian for being a great father.

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