A dog was mistakenly euthanized by a veterinarian, and now she is fighting for her life

For a straightforward ear infection, Brittany Turnbill took her eight-year-old Shih Tzu Sugar, whom she adoringly refers to as “her daughter,” to the veterinarian. Yet when a critical error was made, what had begun as a regular visit turned into an emergency. According to iheartdogs.com

Inadvertently administering a death drug to Sugar in place of her ear infection treatment.

Turnbill was instructed by the doctor to take Sugar right away to a Columbus, Ohio emergency room since she might not survive after receiving the incorrect prescription accidently.

In shock and fear, Turnbill brought her beloved cat to MedVet, a round-the-clock emergency animal hospital. When they got there, Sugar was taken from her arms and brought to the ICU where a tracheal tube was put in. She had a life support system attached to her.

Turnbull was informed that his only option was to wait. She was dead, a deadly substance coursing through her veins. Throughout the crucial first 24 hours, they did everything they could to keep Sugar alive by keeping her hydrated and intubated.


Sugar survived the first long night, but the MedVet vet told Turnbill that his little body would need another 72 hours to break down the prescription before the damage would be obvious. Of course, there was also the chance that he would not be able to do it at all.

Later, when the family went to see the unconscious dog, their conversation caused his pulse to rise noticeably. Sugar made the conscious decision to respond by fighting back! The puppy was robust enough the following night to be removed off the ventilator. He moved more and listened to the words of the visitors even though he wasn’t yet conscious.

Sugar awakens from a coma just three days after the awful ordeal began! Her breathing tubes were removed, and she also went outside to walk and use the restroom. She then consumed the entire can of baby food with chicken taste! For the first time in a few days, Turnbill and his family were able to snuggle their darling dog, but Sugar was still away. To see if there is any lasting brain damage, we still need to investigate.

Short-term memory loss was detected by the EEG, but nothing else! Sugar is acceptable. She sustained a wound to one eye while in the ambulance, but she ultimately survived.

With treatment for her ear infection and wounded eye, Sugar was released from MedVet. Until her checkup the next week, she must wear a sizable electrical collar around her neck. Amazingly, she is still alive and well. Her family is helping her relax and recover at home. They are fatigued, perplexed, and immensely appreciative.

The reaction to Sugar’s story, which was posted in a series of updates on Turnbill’s Facebook page, was enormous. Many individuals from all across the world expressed their love, support, and prayers for a small puppy they had never met. Turnbill is undoubtedly optimistic when she describes the situation, even though it was the vet’s fault that Sugar nearly lost her life. She doesn’t express resentment against the vet who unintentionally hurt Sugar. She expresses her gratitude to the MedVet staff in great detail. Particularly for the innumerable words of support and for the priceless life of her dog.

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