A greedy wild elephant stops passing trucks to steal sugarcane

A greedy wild elephant was looking for something sweet to eat in the middle of the jungle on a sunny afternoon. He was looking for sugarcane and knew exactly where to find it.

He noticed a group of trucks passing by, each carrying loads of sugarcane as he made his way through the lush foliage. The elephant dashed out onto the road without a second thought, hoping to snag a few pieces of the sweet treat.
But as he got closer to the trucks, he noticed something that made him come to a halt. A small family of monkeys was already rummaging through the sugarcane, picking through the piles and nibbling on the juicy stalks.


The elephant realized, with a pang of guilt, that he couldn’t just barge in and take the sugarcane for himself. Instead, he chose to sit patiently by the side of the road and observe the monkeys as they played and ate to their hearts’ content.
The monkeys eventually grew tired and wandered away, leaving behind a few scattered pieces of sugarcane. That’s when the elephant made his appearance. He approached the sugarcane pile with caution and gingerly picked up a stalk, savoring the sweet taste as he chewed.

Even as he savored his treat, the elephant couldn’t help but think of the small family of monkeys who had come before him. He knew that if it hadn’t been for them, he wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the sugarcane at all.

With that thought in mind, the elephant resumed his journey through the jungle, feeling lighter and happier than before.


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Au Gia Lam