A Mysterious Giant Crater Has Recently Opened in Arctic Tundra

Not long ago, the Vesti Yamal TV crew discovered the largest known crater on Earth. The fact that they weren’t actually trying to get there, but rather were coming back from another mission, took them off surprise.

They were astounded by the gigantic cylindrical crater and informed others right away so that a team of scientists could be dispatched. This group looked over the entire area. It was discovered that the crater, which was fully generated naturally, is about 50 meters deep.

This crater, like the majority of others, was created by pockets of thawing northern tundra permafrost accumulating methane gas. Overnight, an explosive explosion caused by this mixture results in the creation of craters.

This is the largest known crater, said Every Chuvilin, chief researcher at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

According to Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky, this specific crater will probably be utilized to identify these craters after being given the number seventeen in order to prevent more explosion related fatalities.

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