A Touching Story! After Being аЬаndoned By His Parents, The Boy Found Love In The Dog’s Arms

Thankfully, the child met his soul mate, a stray dog.

Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old Filipino boy from Quezon City, has never lived with his divorced parents. She has an older sister who lives in another city, but ever since she finished second grade, she has been begging for food on the streets because she doesn’t have the financial means to get there.

Rommel asserted that he always wanted to complete his education but was compelled to drop out due to the abuse he endured from his loved ones. Once his story gained notoriety on “Ocea Meda,” pictures of him and his pet dog went viral online, capturing the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

When Maria Kabs spotted the kid and his dog on the sidewalk, she posted pictures of them on Facebook. The woman felt compelled to take pictures of two dear friends because she was so moved.

An grown child finds camaraderie and solace in a dog.

Rommel claimed that Badgi, a stray dog who was also prowling the streets alone, provided him some solace. Since that time, the two have remained great friends and support one another in maintaining their fitness for life.

In exchange for Badgi always defending his friend from other begging children, Rommel always shared the food he needed with his best friend. The two buddies hugged and slept close to one another every night in an effort to unwind after a long day.

The unfortunate circumstances that led to these two small people meeting and enhancing each other’s lives gave rise to both optimism and despair. While with Badgi, Rommel seemed unafraid of loneliness and emptiness; for his part, the puppy didn’t care if his friend was a well-off child or a homeless person; love was enough for this canine.

According to Yan.vn, Little Rommel is enrolled in classes and building a better future with his amazing canine friend because of the efforts of many people and Maria’s well-liked post about her experience with Badgi.

This small youngster is still full of love and hope despite the many negative events that have occurred in his short life and is happy with the amazing bond he has developed with his dependable dog.

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