Adopting a Puppy? Think Twice Before Choosing These Breeds

Adopting a pet is a fantastic experience—except when it’s not. The wrong breed of dog will cause turmoil in your home even if you’re seeking for a canine friend that the whole family will like. Some breeds will use your vegetable garden as an entryway to China since they love to dig. Some breeds will continuously and recklessly bark.


Read on to learn which breeds are too challenging—or possibly too dangerous—to own as pets. Find out which dog breeds veterinarians advise against adopting. Learn more about the breeds of dog that can rip drywall in your house. Get advice on the breeds that will get along best with your family as well.


This breed is legendarily stubborn. Pekingese were bred to be lapdog companions by the ancient Imperial family of China. Some Pekingese were official royal dogs. These dogs retain their royal breeding with a haughty attitude and a strong disposition that commands respect. It’s very difficult to train a Pekingese since it believes it should be in charge and goes about this business with an entrenched obstinacy. This dog may even bite if it is disciplined harshly.


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