Alyce’s family’s second miracle child was born

Alyce’s Second Miracle Child Arrived at His Family
Alyce and Jesse’s journey to have a second child is one of hope after IVF, and proof that miracles aren’t just real, but they can happen multiple times.

Alyce, 31, and her husband Jesse, 30, tried for 18 months to conceive their first child but were unsuccessful. She had a very low AHM count (low count); she would most likely have one child, but it was highly unlikely that she would ever have two; she would need IVF to have children.

“Only one embryo was harvested for my child, and much to their surprise, it developed successfully and was transplanted in October 2016.” On June 28, 2017, Harvey was miraculously born.”

Harvey’s life was filled with joy as he grew into a handsome toddler. The couple spent two years building their dream home, and Alyce never used birth control or timed her ovulation because she was convinced that Harvey would be their only child due to her low count. However, fate had other plans. The couple found out they were expecting their second child just a week after moving into their new home.

“I didn’t find out we were pregnant until we were six weeks pregnant because I thought it would never happen.” We were completely taken aback, s and s, hoping that everything would be fine.

As luck would have it, Alyce’s pregnancy went swimmingly, and nine months later, it was time to meet their second child.


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