Amazing Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Found in Uruguay by Miners

The miners were having difficulty starting the dig and had no idea they were about to discover this stunning geode. “We were opening the mine to work normally,” said Marcos Lorenzelli of Uruguay Minerals, “but the land was difficult to work on, and our employees stated, “We have to find something really lovely due to the hard work we are doing.” When they made this once-in-a-lifetime discovery, their perseverance paid off.

The unusually shaped geode quickly went viral, enchanting sites such as Reddit and others and sweeping the world by storm. Uruguay Minerals has a website called “The New Treasure” where they promote their discoveries, including this one. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can contact them through their website. Other Etsy sellers sell smaller heart-shaped amethysts that have been polished.

Workers in Uruguay discovered an incredible heart-shaped amethyst geode hidden in a rock.


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