An ancient woolly mammoth fossil was discovered in a Michigan farmer’s field.

Michigan was excavating in a field for drainage when they discovered a surface that looked like wood approximately eight feet beneath.

According to the Detroit Free Press, farmers realized they were throwing firewood all too skillfully.
Is it a boe dinosaur? I contacted the University of Michigan, who informed Daiel Fisher of the school’s Museum of Paleology. As Fisher arrived on the scene, he discovered that he was not the dinosaur that the farmers had been seeking for, but rather a мamut.

According to the Free Press, Fisher and his colleague had only one day to uncover the mammoth bones because farmers needed to keep working.
They found a skull, tusks, ribs, and some backbones; the missing bits may have escaped to be captured by people who came to the criatura seeking food.

According to the Free Press, 30 or more Mammoths have been financed throughout the state; this opportunity, Fisher told the movie, is a Jeffersonian Malatino—a hybrid that isn’t quite a Lana de Lana.

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