An artificial intelligence has recreated families from various countries. From Spain too and it seems from another decade

For a long time, artificial intelligence has surprised us. Recently, with its ability to create texts and understand natural language, it has been used to answer a variety of questions (after ChatGPT, this week Microsoft has presented its AI combined with the Edge browser and the Bing search engine; and yesterday Google presented its own solution in this regard although with less success than its rivals).

Families classified by country
The Twitter account dusunbildergisi has used artificial intelligence, but it does not specify which one, to recreate families based on countries. There is also a Spanish family, and the results will be shown here.

Of course, I’ll give you a spoiler: in many cases, they recreate what appears to be a family with a vintage aesthetic. It’s possible that in an increasingly global world, today’s families don’t distinguish themselves as much by country (an example is the fashion that is becoming unified).

The truth is that the outcomes are quite intriguing. We have no idea what text you used to create the images. It’s possible that examples of families from the twentieth century were specifically sought.

That is what draws us in: they are excellent results. Consider a family from a few decades ago. Previously, textile companies were present in a large portion of the world’s cities with the same clothing. Here are a few examples. Spain is also represented.

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