Archaeologists have found many gold and precious stone artifacts in a tomb thousands of years old in Central America.

Tomb in Central America Yields Ancient Gold and Precious Stone Artifacts, Unearthed by Archaeologists

Many priceless items were discovered, including earrings, breast shields, and gold necklaces. The “golden chiefs of Panama” are objects that prove the presence of an undiscovered civilization.

Scientists believe the items discovered at El Cano, about 3 kilometers from Sitio Conte, date from 700 BC to around 1,000 BC.

The warriors’ jewelry consists of an arm bracelet and a shield that covers their chest.

The laboratory will receive a complete El Cano skull.

In an ancient tomb, there is an emerald pendant, a gold frog, and a stone.

The pendant was discovered among the burial goods in the patriarch’s grave.

A watercourse near the location of the ancient tomb. Archaeologists discovered 15 sets of remains, as well as a jar full of puffer fish bones, in addition to the gold objects.


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