Archaeologists unearthed a skeleton with gold jewelry and numerous precious ornamental objects.

Probably the wife of Amyntas I, king of Macedon. 5th Century B.C., Aigai, Greece.

A skeleton with gold jewelry and several priceless decorative items discovered by archaeologists.

They contend that she was most likely Amyntas I of Macedon’s wife. Aigai, a Greek king who ruled in the fifth century BC. “Lady of Aigai” is how archaeologists have dubbed the skeleton.

Here are some jewels and items obtained.

Βuried with a gold mask over her fасe, gold earrings, a headband over her hair and a necklace of gold beads. Her dress was fastened with silver pins, terminating in gold orbs in the shape of poppy capsules. Rosettes and other gold ornaments were sewn on various places of her dress. Also buried with her were a large number of clay figurines, a silver phiale and bronze vessels.

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