Artist sees faces and predictions in nature’s images

1. A clever approach to direct our attention to the burning forests

2. Cat Island, where all your feline friends are welcome!

3. A modern version of a masterpiece

4. Adorable creatures are hiding in autumn forests.

5. “A report from the future. Year 2201: New York was abandoned a long time ago.”

6. Welcome to the wolf coast!

7. “We come from the earth and we go to the stars.”

8. “Welcome to Mona Lisa Lake! Every Saturday you can attend free art history classes on its peaceful shores”

9. Report from the future: Humans try to adapt to their new surroundings.

10. “Owl highway! Some drive just to finally find an exit.”

11. The fall of Rome

12. “Bear Creek legends say that the bears gathered at the top of the hill to elect their leader, who was always a female.”

13. “A lot of geometry and a bit of poetry.”

14. Lovers’ Island, a lot of beautiful stories happened here.


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Be Tien