At the funeral for its owner, this dog wept like a person. May the owner return

During the previous four years, Telma Maria, this cute dog’s owner and best friend, had been devoted to Belinha. Despite recently having to part ways, Belinha and her owner’s love for one another hasn’t decreased.

Following a protracted fight with cancer, Maria, who lived in Brazil, passed away earlier this month. Throughout her grueling battle and declining health, Belinha stuck by her side, and the dg’s consoling presence lifted Maria’s spirits.

Maria’s son Dionsio Neto said on the internet, “My father said she was her nurse.” Belinha was the best friend. It was only fitting that Belinha would attend Maria’s burial considering the important role she played in her life. Belinha and the other family members sat solemnly, as though realizing how serious the depressing gathering was.

Loyal dօg jumps օn ambulance to follօw its master to the hօspital after he fell ill while walking his pet in Brazil

“This dog has a very particular kind of devotion for her owner.” The opposite night, Anderson Bahi saw something in his car that he won’t soon forget.
It was the finest manifestation of love.
Bahi told The Dodo, “I was passing in my automobile when I observed an ambulance parked on the opposite side of the road.”
It turned out that a person and his dog had both suddenly become unwell on the sidewalk earlier.

Once emergency personnel led the patient into the ambulance to take him to the hospital, the patient’s Canis Minor leapt onto the back bumper and insisted on going with him.

Bahi could only observe from a distance, but one thing was still obvious.

The affection that this dog has for her owner is something really exceptional, according to Bahi. “A devoted love.”

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Thankfully, the ambulance personnel didn’t miss that fact. They left the doors open so the adorable dog could stay with her owner as they drove away. The dog continued to exhibit his loyalty after that, though.

The dog’s owner was wheeled inside the hospital after arriving there. While he was out, the dog waited patiently outside the hospital entrance for him to come back.

It didn’t take long before local animal rescuer Maria Lúcia Muniz, who lives near the hospital, learned about the dog holding vigil at the hospital door. She asked her tօ cօnfirm that night.

But fortunately, the dog’s wait wasn’t long — and her faithfulness paid օff.“It was very emotional,” Muniz told The Dodo. “But thank God, the owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes. His family arrived tօ require him and his dog home.”

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