Children’s Enjoyment Through Each Stage Of Learning To Eat

For those facing heat waves, here are some hydrating foods that babies can have.

Just know that foods that are high in water content can loosen stools and if the food is consumed in excess, can cause diarrhea. (This is particularly common with melon.)


For full information on other foods, how much water is safe for babies, popsicle recipes for babies and toddlers, and other ideas for how to relieve constipation, see our website (link in bio) and just pop in the search term (e.g.: “water” or “popsicles” or “constipation”).

Like nutrition for the first year, hydration should primarily come from baby’s bottle/milk feeds (human milk is mostly water, as is formula) but supplementing baby’s diet with some high-water foods can help, and will also help if baby is constipated.

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Dr. Rachel Ruiz, board certified pediatrician & pediatric gastroenterologist


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