Beautiful Minimalist 230 square foot Cottage in a Small Home.

This episode will feature a stunning, 230 square foot tiny house on wheels.

This stunning minimalist tiny house is just 23 feet long by 10 feet wide it’s a 230sqft it was designed for one to two people to live in.

The exterior is very unique with an outdoor deck in front of the house, there is a couple of chairs it’s very comfortable and charming, and there are plants and a couple of lights it is very beautiful.

The Kitchen in a Small House
The kitchen will be the first thing you see when you walk in because it has a lovely and fashionable design.

The kitchen is 10 feet long it’s very plenty of space for a countertop with a few cabinets below that to store your bowl, your dishes, and your kitchen utensils.

The black window is very beautiful and huge to get some natural light into the house that is located above your countertop space and behind it, there is a microwave and a cabinet.

The Apartment in a Small Home
It was intended for one or two people to live comfortably in this living space, which is combined with the sleeping space.

To accommodate two people, there is a cozy couch that can be quickly converted into a queen-size bed. Over the couch, a sizable window lets natural light into the room.

At the other corner, there is a desk with a cozy chair and a smart TV above it. You may use this space for work or to enjoy your food; it is quite convenient

There is a huge closet in front of the kitchen with a lot of storage for you to store anything like your clothes, your bag, your shoes, or anything you want.

The Bathroom Space

This bathroom is very clean and airy there is your toilet and behind that, there is your mirror and your vanity with some storage below.

On the other side, there is a huge and beautiful window and behind that, there is a walk-in shower with a black hexagon tiled design and a black shower head, this bathroom is very massive.

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