Children in an Indian village learn how to hypnotize snakes as young as two years old

In the village of Gauriganj, northern India, children are taught how to control snakes from the age of two.

Uttam Nath, a snake hypnosis, said the training process started when the children were two. They are taught the hypnosis techniques until they grow enough to succeed their fathers. Instead of going to school, all children in the village have completed 10 years of training to become professional snake drivers. Photo: Barcroft India.
Nath said the Gauriganj village not only hypnotized snakes, they also saved people with snakes or scorpions biting with herbs. Snake hypnosis is the traditional knowledge of the century of the people here, but the elders are not afraid to let children pursue other career in the future. Photo: Cater News Agency.
The social role of a family in the village depends on the number of snakes they own. The men of the hypnotic hypnosis village, while women take care of them when men are away from home. Photo: Cater News Agency.
Most children play with snakes instead of toys, they can wrap the royal tigers around the neck. Photo: Cater News Agency.
Kumativ Devo, a woman in the village, started learning to control the snake since she was first. Devo said the snakes for the livelihood village, but she was not sure about the future of this profession. Urbanization causes the number of solids to decrease, the law of animal protection also becomes more stringent. If the children in the village are caught with a snake in their hands, they will be forced to be imprisoned and parents must pay a fine of about 3-4 pounds (about 80,000 to 100,000 VND). Photo: Barcroft India.
For her, hypnotic snakes no longer appeal to the public as before. She wants children to learn vocational training so that this art can maintain even though they pursue other career. Photo: Cater News Agency.

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