Exhausted dogs fought for their lives for hours before being rescued.

The largest flood in modern history occurred in the United States state of Louisiana. 40,000 homes were flooded, 30,000 people were evacuated, and 13 people died.
Even in the midst of all this mayhem and destruction, there were brave volunteers who assisted in the rescue of both people and animals who were trapped due to the raging elements.

Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson, two volunteers, have already saved 100 lives, both human and animal. They discovered two pit bulls who had given up hope of ever getting out of the water.

The dogs were trapped in a water trap for at least 16 hours. Mike and Darrell are not the only heroes; many locals are helping with the rescue efforts.

On August 15, Josh Petit uploaded this photo on Facebook and wrote:

“This morning, Baton Rouge was attacked by a flood and in two hours the water climbed by 2.5 meters. It was all a nightmare. I noticed a disturbance near the bushes out of the corner of my eye. Nothing else was visible from a distance.

The dog’s eyes and nose were barely visible above the surface of the water! I’d never seen such a pitiful sight as the animal was already tired. The dog was terrified for his life… We rescued her, and she came up and rested her head on my knees, sobbing and muttering like a child. She expressed gratitude.”

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, and the owners of the dog, later identified as Sadie, were located.

“I drove Sadie back to her owner. She became afraid and fled when he was evacuating and packing things in the truck. And now she is in seventh heaven, overjoyed that she has returned home!”

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