Explore the beautiful Glass Beach in California

Glass Beach – Glass Beach is a very beautiful and unique destination west of Fort Bragg, California. The scenery here is spectacular with cliffs and crashing waves. This is definitely one of the coolest beaches in California.

Originally, this was a city dump by the sea. The landfill was closed in the 60s of the last century, but of course people did not clear the garbage. Αs the years went by, the ocean’s waves crashed in and abraded, polishing all the broken pieces into shiny, multicolored “sea glass”. You can find green, blue, red, amber, brown and transparent tablets.

For many years, groups of tourists have continuously come here and picked up sea crystals to bring back. They seem to think that the source of sea glass here is endless. Finally, before this unique landscape completely disappeared, the authorities took over and the taking of sea glass was completely banned. Glass Beach also has a lot of beautiful seashells to bring back as souvenirs.

Visiting Glass Beach will cost you free entrance and parking fees.

Some notes when coming to Glass Beach
On the beach it is very windy, so bring a jacket to protect against the cold wind.
Since this used to be a dump, there may be sharp metal fragments, so bring shoes with hard soles.
You can take your dog to Glass Beach, but keep it on leash
If you come in the late afternoon, you will have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset. You can also come during low tide, when you will find many beautiful sea glass.

Sea Glass Museum
Glass Beach attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, coming to witness the man-made phenomenon perfected by nature. Those interested in learning more about marine glass often head to the Sea Glass Museum just south of Fort Bragg. No need to buy an entrance ticket.

There are many samples of the types of glass commonly found in Glass Beach, along with signs explaining marine glass, stories about its history and more.

Glass Festival
The residents of Fort Bragg also hold a festival to honor marine glass. The Fort Bragg Sea Glass Festival, held over Memorial Day weekend (end of May), showcases artisans’ works of Sea Glass and jewels from Sea Glass.

If you want to visit Glass Beach, get there early before it gets crowded, especially during the summer months. Keep in mind that there are also beaches around here that also have Sea Glass, well worth a visit. Remember to bring your camera to take beautiful pictures of Sea Glass.

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