Five unusual but recognizable flowers that astonish anybody who sees them.

1. Duck orchid
The shape of this flower resembles a flapping duck, with the petals protruding like a duck’s beak. This unique orchid, scientifically known as Caleana Major, usually blooms from September to February next year, when the flowers bloom, they will be purple, crimson and green. People can see Dυck Orchid iп the vast forests of the states of Qυeeпslaпd, Soυth Aυstralia, Tasmaпia, Victoria aпd New Soυth Wales of Aυstralia.


2. Dancer flowers

The orchid has the shape of an extremely graceful ballet girl whose scientific name is Caladenia melanema. This orchid gives off a very special and natural scent. They grow singly or in clusters in many parts of Australia.


3. Monkey face flower

The strange monkey-faced orchid was first named by botanist Luer in 1978 as “Dracula Simia”. They are found in the rainforests of Peru and Ecuador at an altitude of 2,000m. The common name is “Lan Hau Tu”, which has the ability to bloom all year round unlike other species that only bloom in a certain season.

The scent of the monkey face flower resembles orange and ripe mandarin very attractive. Currently, this is a rare orchid because of its distinctive ecological characteristics, it only grows in the mountains where the temperature is stable, the humidity is high, the climate is cool all year round.


4. Bee flower

The orchid with a happy face always “grinning” with a scientific name is Ophrys apifera, distributed mainly in the South of England, growing in all environments from roadside, grassland, on limestone, under dust tree or wasteland.

The first flower of the year blooms in the early autumn months, then contiпuously grows to 10 flowers. Bee flowers are easy to identify by their unique scent and color. The most common is the dark brown lip-winged orchid, the two small green side leaves, covered with soft hair like bees, and their color makes people think of a grinning old man.

5. Parrot flower

Parrot flower was discovered by British botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1901. This is an extremely rare flower, endangered and not allowed to be exported. It only grows in some parts of India, Thailand, and Myanmar in insignificant quantities.

The flower has a very beautiful shape, like a parrot in flight. This flower has the scientific name of Impatiens psittacina.


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