Funnу fоr tһе руtһоn trу𝗂nɡ tо ѕⱳаⅼⅼоⱳ tһе реорⅼе’ѕ раn

The image was posted on Twitter earlier this morning with no information other than the nature of the python’s choice of cuisine.

Questions have been raised as to whether the dozy reptile, surrounded by puzzled onlookers, is real or a sculpture, after Reddit users suggested it was made by a Thai artist.

If it is real, vets will have a tricky job on their hands. Pythons can consume huge animals by dislocating their jaw, and eat their prey whole – but struggle to eject foodstuffs that they cannot digest. Such as a metal pan.

Several people posted amusing puns on the social networking site ranging from ‘wok of shame’ to ‘wok the hell’ and ‘I guess someone wanted to take their python for a wok’.

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