GAC GS8 2023.


GAC, a Chinese company, will bring the new GS8 crossoer to Russia.

Russia is anticipating the arrival of a new flagship crossoer GAC GS8 of the second generation.
The new generation of GAC GS8 crossoer has been available in the domestic market since December of last year.

The parkette has been redesigned with a more modern exterior and interior since the generation change.


Furthermore, the GS8 platform was modified for GPMA architecture and received a hybrid modification with the original design.
The GAC Russian representative office does not specify when the GS8 will be available in the Russian market.

It is only stated that the flagship crossoer brand will not be brought to us this year.

GAC Motor intends to keep the current model range in the Russian Federation and develop the dealer network in the near future. The new Parkett could arrive in Russia in 2023, according to KA.
The new generation GAC GS8 is 4.98 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.92 meters.

It grew nearly 14 cm longer after the generation change. So far, only crossoers with visible seats are available in China, with four- and six-seater variants on the way.
The internal combustion engine in the GAC GS8 is a 2.0-liter 252-horsepower motor coupled with an Aisin eight-speed torque converter.

Depending on the model, the hybrid crossoer is powered by a 190-horsepower internal combustion engine and one or two electric motors.

The total output of such a power plant can reach 237 horsepower. The hybrid’s transmission is an E-CVT ariator.

The GAC company released official photos of the interior of the new GS8 crossover.

The car made its debut last month. The interior had not yet been declassified. He can, as it turns out, surprise people. Interior changes became the most noticeable. The front panel as a whole has been updated.

The driver now has a digital dashboard in front of him, and the steering wheel has been updated. The head unit’s diagonal is larger.

Also, GAC tried a new mounting method — the multimedia system is glued to the dashboard rather than built into it — and it looks clean and premium.

Also, the head unit is now used to control the climate system, making room for the deflectors.

The gearbox leer became less bulky, while the central tunnel grew in size.
Buyers can select between 6- and 7-seat configurations.

Smartphones can now be wirelessly charged, and the projection screen will help keep you focused on the road.

Take note of the intelligent cruise control and all-around visibility system.

The length and wheelbase of the new GAC GS8 have been significantly increased.

They are now 4,980 and 2,920 mm, respectively, which is 145 and 120 mm longer than the previous parameters.
Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 252 hp that works in tandem with the 8AC transmission.

The car will go on sale in China at the end of this year.

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