“Gardener’s Retreat” Small Loft Style House With Open-air Living Space,

Loft-style houses made of raw concrete are considered one of the most popular modern houses.

With uniqueness and coolness, any arrangement is beautiful and looks good.

Loft style house or raw concrete house is a house style designed and built to be cool by emphasizing the wall structure and natural texture of plasterwork. The bare concrete wall does not use materials to cover or add decorations such as wallpaper.

Therefore, a loft-style house is a house that focuses on showing the authenticity and beauty of the concrete structure. This makes this style of home unique, charming, calm, and unique.

For anyone who wants a loft-style hoмe but doesn’t have a large budget, a brick-and-mortar house is an attractive option. Because the wall is used with other materials first, then plaster and decorate the bare concrete wall to get the desired texture.

Nowadays, technology and innovations for paint and loft work have been developed, especially those who want to make a loft-style house that can use it at all.

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Be Hieu