Giant Elephant Is On The Road, To Steal Sugarcane

Elephant causes a huge traffic jam by STOPPING a passing lorry to steal sugar cane

Elephants are a beloved species amongst their human counterparts.With their long trunks, intelligent personalities, and gentle demeanors, we can’t help but love these charismatic creatures.
Whether they’re exploring campsites or checking out the local hubbub, these gentle giants know just how to brighten our days in the most creative of ways.

Have you ever been mapping out your travel route only to realize that you’ll likely pass through a toll road or two? Hey, at least Google Maps gives us a heads up, so we can plan accordingly.
When this group of Thai truck drivers made their daily rounds, they came across a toll they never even knew existed.
And it may very well have the cutest toll collector in existence.

We think the other 8 million viewers would likely agree. This elephant is just too darned hysterical.v

As several trucks passed through his home, they had to immediately slow their engines and even come to a complete stop while they paid their tolls to Auan-tia. This isn’t any regular toll fee, though. This elephant is on the hunt for some sugarcane, and he knows just where to find it.
This road just received a new toll collector, and he’s definitely a stickler. No vehicle will be able to pass through his lair without first succumbing to the appropriate fees, and they aren’t cheap.

After swiftly trying to get his trunk under the tarps, the elephant comes out empty-handed, or should we say empty-trunked.
The video begins as two trucks stop at the elephant’s inspection point. Okay, it looks like the first two trucks are off the hook. They are able to continue on their way. Now, it’s time for the third truck to pass around the elephant.
Uh oh. This truck doesn’t have a tarp covering its plethora of sugarcane!

The elephant is free to grab sugarcane to its heart’s content.
He grabs not one, but two trunks full of the sugary goods!

That is one smart boy. He knows just what to do to ensure another midday snack. Hopefully, he hasn’t told too many of the other elephants about his escapades. There may not be any sugarcane left!

We can’t help but wonder how often an occurrence this is in the wildlife sanctuary. We wonder if Auan-tia and his elephant pals like to wreak havoc on the local agricultural transport trucks. Elephants sure are a thrifty species.
One thing’s for sure, the sanctuary’s elephants are well fed.

The drivers let the young giant snack to his heart’s content. They definitely don’t want an angry elephant on their tails. There probably aren’t many things scarier than a few thousand-pound mammal chasing you at full force.
The juvenile giant has caused a full-on traffic jam.
But he doesn’t care. Young Auan-tia is snacking away.


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