Giant Fossil of Enormous Snake Discovered in Mysterious Swiss Cave

Archaeologists recently discovered a massive “fossil” of an ancient snake with a large shape. Many people were shocked and intrigued by these images after word spread about them. The truth, however, is quite surprising.

A rock with the shape of a snake was discovered here. When you see this rock, you will all choke because it is in close proximity to a large snake. It appears that a real snake has transformed into a rock. Here, it’s known as Naka Cave.

The rock resembles the head of a snake.
Naka Cave is said to be the home of several myths and legends, many of which are based on a section of the cave that resembles a serpent. A specific stone slab resembles a pytho’s head, while giant rocks with scaly texture resemble the snake’s coiling body.

Many people are surprised by the snake’s scales on its body.

The giant snake rock is named after the mythological snake “Naga” in Buddhist folklore. A naga is said to be half-human and half-snake, living in the netherworld and occasionally assuming human form. According to legend, the Mekong River in northeastern Thailand and Laos was created by two Naga kings slithering through the area now known as Phu Langka National Park. If we believe the legends, the snake rock could have been one of the Naga kings resigning to a long slumber.

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If you’re curious about the cave and the strange stories that surround it, come to Thailand to find out!

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