Going fishing, Filipino fishermen caught an unusual creature that had never been seen before.

Netizens have come up with the most absurd responses. Many people, however, will be surprised by the animal’s identity.
The world we live in is full of interesting things to discover, and the more we learn, the more we realize how limited our knowledge is.

A strange animal was caught by fishermen, causing quite a stir.
At the end of 2020, on a popular forum called Naira Land, a story about a mysterious animal caught by fishermen in the Philippines drew a lot of attention from netizens.
According to the topic, after capturing this animal and not knowing what it was, they took a picture of it and posted it online to see if anyone could give them an exact answer.
According to the shared image, the animal has a very strange appearance, even frightening, with lines as if it is a hybrid of several different animals.

Fishermen in the Philippines have captured an unusual animal.
The lower body of the animal resembles that of a sea elephant, a seal, or a sea lion. It has a grayish appearance and weighs a few pounds. It does, however, have a small yellow tusk protruding from its nose, similar to that of a small elephant. In addition to the tail, it has two additional paddles on both sides of the body to aid in swimming.

An ivory-like part of the animal’s nose protrudes.

The animal has drawn the attention of a large number of locals due to its unusual appearance. Adults and children alike flocked to see the animal for themselves. Many people say they haven’t seen anything like it since they were kids.
What, after all, is this strange child?
There are also many theories on the forum about the animal’s identity.
“It’s so scary, it’s like an alien,” one imaginative netizen remarked.
“It looks like a cross between seals, elephants, and pigs,” one observer remarked.
“I see it as a cross between a buffalo and a seal,” said another.

This is a photograph of a manatee, and the tail does not resemble the animal caught by the fishermen.

“I believe it’s a manatee. “There’s nothing unusual about it,” another person replied.

“Brother. “This is not a manatee because the bottom part looks similar, but the animal’s head is different,” another person commented.

“It’s a platypus,” said another.

Bro, this is a platypus.
“The manatee must have had an affair with something in the sea and gave birth to this one,” a witty netizen predicted.
“No, this is a dugong, also known as a sea cow and a member of the dugong family. It is related to manatees, so it resembles this one, but the most distinguishing feature is probably the tail.” Another person provided the most convincing answer so far.

This is the front view of the sea cow (bowling fish), which also has a similar appearance.
Finally, a Thai website reported catching a bowfish in Phuket. And it is clear from the shared image that it is the same animal that fishermen in the Philippines caught.

Phuket caught dumplings
The exact animal caught by the fishermen in the Philippines was a bowfish.

The dugong, also known as sea cow or fairy fish (scientific name Dugong), is a mammal that lives in the subtropical coastal zone, according to Wikipedia. The dugongs are the only sea cows in their range, which stretches across the Indo-West Pacific waters of 40 countries and territories.
Dumpling fish has a diamond-shaped body, thick skin that changes color depending on the color of algae clinging to the skin, and horizontal fins rather than vertical fins like other fishes. Their vision is poor, but their sense of smell is acute.

Dugongs are also known as sea cows because they graze on ocean grasses with their upper lip. What we call tusks are actually the front teeth of these animals.

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