Grade 4 IMO – Tuyển chọn câu hỏi luyện thi IMO Lớp 4

Grade 4 IMO

Week 1

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) The following bar chart shows the amount of pulses purchased (in tons) by the government from 1994 to 2002.

pulses purchased in tons

Find the year in which
(a) The Government purchased the maximum amount of pulses.
(b) The Government purchased the minimum amount of pulses.
a. (i) 1996, (ii) 2000       b. (i) 2003, (ii) 2008
c. (i) 2000, (ii) 1996       d. (i) 2008, (ii) 2003

(2) In a class of 55 students, 7 girls and 8 boys like basketball, 8 girls and 6 boys like baseball, 3 girls and 7 boys like tennis and the remaining students like football. If an equal number of girls and boys like football, then what fraction of girls like football?

a. \frac{4}{3}

b. \frac{7}{3}

c. \frac{7}{13}

d. \frac{4}{13}

(3) Aidan’s father was angry that Aidan watches too much TV. Aidan started watching the TV at 09:05 PM and he watched it till 11:55 PM. For how long did he watch the TV?

a. 4 hours and 50 minutes

b. 2 hours and 10 minutes

c. 3 hours and 50 minutes

d. 2 hours and 50 minutes

(4) Find the perimeter of the given figure. (All measurements are in meters)

a. 55 m         b. 58 m
c. 64 m        d. 70m

(5) Which of the following letters of the English alphabet have both vertical and horizontal line of symmetry?

a. S         b. C
c. O         d. Y

Fill in the blanks

(6) Write the following in short form (decimal number) :

900 + 90 + 8 + \frac{1}{{10}} + \frac{2}{{100}} + \frac{1}{{1000}} = .........\

Answer the questions

(7) Write all the possible three-digit even numbers that can be formed by the digits 5, 2, and 6

(8) Three classes will go to the book fair in Seletar. The first class will arrive at the book fair at the time shown on the clock below:

Each class will spend 45 minutes at the book fair and then leave. The second class arrives at the book fair after the first class leave, and the third class will arrive after the second class leave. At what time will the third class leave the book fair?

(9) Find the missing number in the given pattern.

11, 13, _____, 17, 19, 21, 23, …..

(10) Circle the figure with fewer edges.

Week 2

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) Which of the following pairs show a perfect reflection over the line ?

(2) The following bar chart shows the number of fruits in a shop.

How many more pineapples are there than peaches?

a. 50         b. 60
c. 70         d. 80

(3) Identify the figure which is exactly the mirror image of the problem figure when the mirror is held at MN

(4) Observe the following patterns. Find the sum of the numbers from 721 to 730 .


a. 7355       b. 7955
c. 7255       d. 7155

(5) In which of the given figures, the shaded part represents the decimal number 0.3

(6) The number of lines of symmetry in the box given below is . (Input numbers only)

(7) The value of 0.9 × 0.13 is ……………

(8) If Olivia purchased a robot toy for $39.80 and a drum for $22.15 from a toy-shop, then the total amount spend by her is $ ……….. .

Answer the questions

(9) Find the two missing numbers from the following number pattern.

14, 17, 20, 23, ____, ____, 32, 35

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