Grade 6 Olympiad – Tuyển chọn câu hỏi Olympiad lớp 6

Grade 6 Olympiad

Week 1

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices
(1) Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around a circular table. C is sitting between B and D, F is sitting between E and A. If B is sitting on right of A, who is sitting between C and A ?

a. F        b. D
c. B        d. E

(2) Andrew is the brother of the son of Angel’s son. How is Andrew related to Angel?

a. Cousin         b. Nephew
c. Uncle            d. Grandson

(3) Find the area of un-shaded part (area of each small square is 1 cm2)

a. 26 cm2        b. 28 cm2

c. 26.5 cm2     d. 27 cm2

(4) A dog is walking on the periphery of a regular polygon as shown below

If it starts from point s, which side will it reach after covering 68% distance of the periphery in the clock-wise direction?

a. A        b. D
c. C        d. E

(5) Complete the pattern:

Fill in the blanks

(7) If number in the center is the sum of all other numbers, y = ………

(8) If AB and CD are parallel, x = ………….°.

Answer the questions

(9) William writes all the numbers from 7 to 140, which are divisible by 7. What will be the number at the 10th position?

(10) Kimberly and Makayla are ranked 20th and 21st respectively from the top in a class of 49 students. What are their respective ranks from the bottom?

Week 2

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) What must be added in -7y2 – 2y – 3 to get – 6y – 8 ?

a. 7y2 + 4y – 5

b. -7y2 – 4y – 5

c. 7y2 – 4y – 5

d. 7y2 – 4y – 5

What is the cost of

a. $12        b. $15
c. $14        d. $16

(3) If
1 + 3 = 22
1 + 3 + 5 = 32
1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 42
and so on, the value of
1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + …. + 37 is

a. 182        b. 192
c. 202       d. 372

(4) Divide 0.0992 by 0.04.

a. 0.248        b. 2.48
c. 2.048        d. none of these

(5) If p and q are two whole numbers, the commutative property is applicable for their subtraction if and only if :

a. p ≠ q           b. p < q
c. p = q          d. p > q

(6) Anna had some number-cards in a bag(assuming them to be consecutive). Among those numbers, she can find 2 numbers so that their difference is divisible by n. What is the least number of number-cards in the bag?

a. n + 3         b. n + 1

c. \frac{1}{n}

d. n

(7) In a community, two neighbours have rectangular backyards having the same area of 1620 sq. meter. If the width of first backyard is 9 meter and the width of second backyard is 45 meters, find which backyard will require more fencing and by how much?

a. First, more by 216 meter

b. First, more by 108 meter

c. Second, more by 108 meter

d. Second, more by 216 meter

Fill in the blanks

Answer the questions

(9) Find the missing number.
75395, 78395, 81395, _______, 87395, 90395.

Week 3

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) Find the area of the shaded part (area of each small square is 1 cm2).

a. 7 cm2              b. 8 cm2
c. 7.5 cm2         d. 8.5 cm2

(2) Line A is perpendicular to line B. Line C is perpendicular to D. If line A is perpendicular to D, which of following is correct?

a. A is perpendicular to C        b. B is parallel to C
c. B is perpendicular to C        d. B is perpendicular to D

(3) The following table shows the number of books read by Jonathan and Elijah in 4 weeks.

Which of the following statements is true?

a. In 4 weeks Jonathan read more books than Elijah.
b. In the first and last week together Jonathan read more books than Elijah.
c. In the first two weeks Jonathan read fewer books than Elijah.
d. In the last two weeks Jonathan read more books than Elijah.

(4) A pigeon ate 622 earthworms, in total, for 4 consecutive nights. Each night, he ate 31 earthworms more than the previous night. How many earthworms did the pigeon eat on the first night?

a. 186         b. 140
c. 109         d. 171

Fill in the blanks

(5) Hannah ordered 10 cartons of pens. Each carton holds 26 boxes and each box has 37 pens. Total number of pens Hannah ordered altogether are ………….

(6) The sum of two numbers is 15738. If one of the addends is five times the other addend, then the smaller addend is …………….

Answer the questions

(7) Kevin is the brother of the son of Ryan’s son. How is Kevin related to Ryan?

(8) 14\frac{4}{6} = 14 + ( ♣ + ♣ + ♣ + ♣ )

What is the value of ♣?

(9) The following pictograph shows the number of locks manufactured in 7 factories.

Find the following:

(a) The factory which manufactures the maximum number of locks.
(b) The factory which manufactures the minimum number of locks.
(c) Total number of locks manufactured by all factories in a day.

(10) A number is multiplied by 8 and 19 is added to their product. If their result is 59, what was the original number?


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