Grade 7 IMO – Tuyển chọn câu hỏi luyện thi IMO Lớp 7

Grade 7 IMO

Week 1

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) A Bird weighs only 3g whereas a $1 coin weighs 3.12g. To the nearest 1%, what percentage of the weight of a $1 coin is the weight of the bird?

a. 97%           b. 96%
c. 95%           d. 93%

(2) Ryan stays in the school hostel and gets $4457 from home every month. He spends 10% of it on the hostel fee. What is the monthly hostel fee?

a. $441.7         b. $445.7
c. $474.2        d. $451.3

(3) Find the equation which can describe the relationship between p and q.

a. q = 0.2p + 0.3          b. q = 0.2p – 0.3
c. q = p + 0.5                d. q = p – 0.5

(4) In an examination, Ethan attempted 19 questions correctly and secured 56 marks. If there were two types of questions i.e. of 2 marks and 4 marks, how many questions of 2 marks did he attempt correctly?

a. 8             b. 10
c. 12           d. 9

(5) \left( {3333 + \frac{1}{{1111}}} \right)\left( {3333 + \frac{1}{{1111}}} \right) - \left( {3333 - \frac{1}{{1111}}} \right)\left( {3333 - \frac{1}{{1111}}} \right) = ?

a. 12           b. 1111
c. 3             d. 3333

(6) In an exam with two subjects, 50% candidates passed the first subject, 65% candidates passed the second subject and 15% candidates failed in both the subjects. If 162 candidates passed in both subjects, then how many candidates wrote the exam?

a. 550        b. 530
c. 540        d. 520

(7) There are two containers out of which one can hold 3\frac{1}{3} liters of water while the other can hold 3\frac{3}{5} liters of water. Suppose there are 2 containers of the first type and 5 containers of the second type. How many liters of water is required to fill them both?

a. 25 liters       b. 27 liters
c. 26 liters       d. 24 liters

Fill in the blanks

(8) In \frac{6}{{100}} + \frac{3}{{10}} + \frac{8}{z} + 2 = 2.44, the value of z is.

(9) The following bar chart shows the number of fruits in a shop.

From the given data, we can see that there are 10 fewer mangoes than ………..

Answer the questions

(10) How many more squares need to be shaded to cover 75% of the total area?

Week 2

Choose correct answer(s) from the given choices

(1) Caleb has ₹72 in the form of fifty paise and one rupee coins. If the number of one rupee coins are four times the number of fifty paise coins, find the number of fifty paise coins.

a. 16          b. 14
c. 20         d. 12

(2) 168 people work at an office. 4/7 of the workers are women, and 2/3 of the people are married. What is the maximum possible number of unmarried women at the office?

a. 58        b. 53
c. 57        d. 56

Fill in the blanks

(3) Janelle’s income is 40% less than Aaron’s income, Chloe’s income is 30% less than Janelle’s income, and Nur’s income is 40% less than Janelle’s income. Aaron gave 50% of his income to Chloe and 50% of his income to Nur, the fraction of Chloe’s new income and Nur’s new income would be

(4) In a triangle, the third angle is 1.5 times the second angle, and the second angle is double the first angle. The value of the second angle is ………….°.

(5) A cuboid has …………….. vertices.

(6) Angles of a triangle are in the ratio 4:5:6. The value of the largest angle is ………….°. Answer the questions

(7) Simple interest on a certain sum is 1/25 of the sum. Find the rate percent and the time if both are numerically equal.

(8) In 1866, the yacht Henrietta won the Great Ocean Yacht Race, traveling a distance of approximately 4927 nautical miles. The winning time was  18 days and 18 hours. What
was the yacht’s average speed in nautical miles per hour, to the nearest integer?

(9) The length and breadth of a rectangle are 99.9 cm and 3.2 cm respectively. Find its perimeter.

(10) A Bird weighs only 4g, whereas a $5 coin weighs 4.18g. To the nearest 1%, what percentage of the weight of a $5 coin is the weight of the bird?

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