Heartwarming birth images of mothers holding their babies for the first time

Moms, that first miraculous moment of holding your newborn is forever etched in his memory. Cradling them, right there, in your arms, forms one of the most intense experiences of any mom. Were you able to freeze that moment in the timeline of your brain and heart or is it all fuzzy?

There is no feeling that compares to the moment you become a mom, but one that feels as sweet as seeing your partner with your baby for the first vez. Regardless of how your baby came into this world or how this little human being was created, there is something special about ver the person you love the most with his child.

Women, never apologize for your behavior or choices during childbirth. When you OWN your experience and take pride in your journey, you help other women to do the same. No matter how you did it, you just brought a human being into the world! The world should be kneeling at your feet.– Lauralyn Curtis
In this incredible series of powerful photographs, she captures the joy, comfort, love and sheer exhaustion women feel in the first moments they hold their newborn baby.


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Be Tien