Helpless Kid Leaves His Puppy At The Shelter So That His Dad Doesn’t Beat It Up Anymore in the song “I Left A Toy So He Won’t Forget Me”.

Sadly, everything in the world is not always pleasant and bright. Even when our emotions are breaking, we occasionally have to make hard decisions. This 12-year-old child had to make a similar choice a few days ago.

On February 13, a lovely dog and a note from a child were discovered at the door of the xollin animal sanctuary. Someone placed this dog in a box with a plush animal and a letter on the shelter’s doorway, the shelter wrote on its Facebook page. In the letter, a young boy complained that his father constantly mistreated the family dog and wanted to sell it. In a desperate attempt to save the dog, he placed it here.

People from all over the world wanted to help, contribute, and adopt the puppy after hearing this story.

The container containing the canine:

Checking the puppy’s health is a top priority for the shelter. We must take the dog to the vet to have his tail examined because it appears to be broken. Also, we must perform a medical examination and deworm it. Although the dog is safe, this will increase our expenses and workload.

Letter from the kid to the dog.

They know only two informations about the boy who wrote the letter. His name is Andrés and he is 12-year-old.

I’m Andrés, it says in the letter. 12-year-old me. We’ve chosen to bring him to you, along with my mother. My father is not aware of anything that is taking place. My father considered buying him to sell. Sadly, he never stops kicking and punching the dog. Once, he gave him a fairly hard kick. Then he felt pain in his tiny tail. I hope you can look after him and assist him. To make sure he remembers me, I brought a plush animal.
The dog’s owner named him Rene. For the puppy, they are looking for the ideal family. They have more than 300 messages from people who want to adopt this adorable puppy, so there is a lot of options.

The animal shelter also stated that it wanted more people to adopt animals rather than just when they become popular. Worldwide, there are millions of abused animals who all deserve love and a happy home.

All of our animals at the shelter would have already been adopted twice if you all opened your hearts and homes to everyone, not just one dog. We appreciate the few individuals that visited the animal shelter and offered to assist in rescuing additional abused or abandoned animals in and around our county.

What do you think this tale merits? Did the mother and the boy act morally? Please tell us in the comments. Think about adopting a pet or making a donation to a shelter for animals. Every cent matters!

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