In -7°C temperatures in just his underwear, a hero manages to rescue a puppy that is stranded on an icy lake.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. There are a ton of entertaining videos on social media. The most recent one that appeared in our feeds was uploaded to Instagram by the YouTube account ViralHog. A man who is only partially clothed enters the scene of the film through some bushes.

He is moving in the direction of a frozen lake. You might observe some individuals standing around the water. It’s first unclear what’s happening. The dog’s screams of anguish can be heard as the man advances. The animal was submerged in extremely chilly water. Then, to save the dog, the man enters the frozen lake and bursts through.

Then, swimming back with the dog is quite difficult for him. Everyone applauded as the man returned the animal to safety.

On the frozen Kalmius lake, close to Donetsk, Ukraine, a video was captured. The area experiences below-freezing winter temperatures.

Others praised it for being gutsy in the comments. A reported that the dog was crying because it was so depressed and chilly. The user expressed gratitude to the man for saving the dog’s life.
He was hailed as a hero by many. There were many individuals there, but only one of them had the courage to take action. Some individuals were concerned about the dog’s caretaker and the animal.
Returning to the video, we can only be impressed by the man for having the courage to save the dog from the icy water. I’m grateful.

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