𝖨nсrеԁ𝗂bⅼе 𝗂mаɡеѕ оf mоtһеrѕ ⱳһо һаvе ɡ𝗂vеn b𝗂rtһ tⱳ𝗂се аt tһе ѕаmе t𝗂mе

Giving birth to a child is already hard, the mother of twins is even more painfulmuch more, but happiness is also doubled. Having a baby is a happy but also frustrating experience pain with every mother. To welcome a baby to in this world, a mother may have to go through 5-7 hours, even 2-3 days of labor. For mothers who give birth by caesarean section, even without having to fight the pains of labor before giving birth, but after giving birth, they also have to endure enough pain painful with caesarean section up to 8-10cm long. Giving birth to a child is so hard, for mothers. Twin pregnancy, multiple pregnancy is even more painful than when.They don’t just push once, they have to endure the pain painful, pushing to give birth 2-3 times. Even so, it seems that happiness. Happiness also doubles when they are held in their arms 2-3 very cute children at a time. Let’s look at the photos of twins born this is so cute

Image of a father holding a second baby in his mother’s womb while a mother cuddles her newborn baby.

The happiness of the couple when welcoming success twins are born

Dad is giving 2 babies skin to skin right at the cesarean section

2 very cute legs of twins.

Father was able to hold two children at once.

Postpartum placenta of twins

The wrinkled hands of the twins born missing month.

Perfect happiness together.

Welcome to this world baby

Caesarean section when the twins are still in the amniotic sac, to exposed toes.


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