Inside one of the most affordable and effective private jets in the world

Private aviation is not cheap, however there are some services and aircraft models that cost less than others. For instance, you can save money by travelling in a shared or semi-private jet.

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is one of the most affordable private aircraft on the market right now. Given its modest weight and the fact that it can be flown by a single pilot, the base model’s operational costs, which start at around $2 million, are considered to be rather cheap.

TPG was recently asked by Verijet, a charter company that only uses the Cirrus Vision Jet, to take a tour of the aircraft at its brand-new Northeast base in White Plains, New York. Anything you need to know about the plane is listed below.

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The V-shaped tail of the Vision Jet, which lessens noise and makes for a smoother ride, makes it easy to identify.

Moreover, the plane’s primary body is supported by just one engine.

Due to its single engine configuration, the plane uses only 25% of the fuel of a comparable light jet, resulting in cheaper operating costs and reduced carbon emissions. Also, it permits the aircraft to land in tiny airports that may not be reachable by larger jets.

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The inside has a premium SUV-like vibe. It has three rows of seating that can accommodate up to five adults (including the pilot) and two kids, and it is 5.1 feet wide and 4.1 feet tall. As every seat faces forward, there is no need to play footsies with other passengers.

The second row’s seats recline fully and have lots of legroom. Built-in USB ports, power outlets, cup holders, overhead lights, and air vents are accessible from every seat.

There isn’t a kitchen or bathroom on board, similar to an SUV. A 22-inch entertainment screen, however, descends from the ceiling. Although it can be used for working or viewing movies, AvGeeks are more likely to use the large windows for entertainment. The windows are UV-tinted but lack blinds.

But more crucially, the aircraft has a variety of special safety features. By pressing a button, the Safe Return system enables the aircraft to automatically land at the closest airport. If things really go wrong, there is also a parachute that can be opened by pulling a red lever on the ceiling and is built to support the weight of the entire aircraft. An infrared camera is one of the additional features, which improves visibility when flying at night or in severe weather.

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The maximum range of the aircraft is 1,275 nautical miles, however it often flies 950 miles. It is sufficient for flights between city pairings such as Phoenix and Dallas, Boston and Atlanta, and New York and Chicago. It can fly above adverse weather thanks to its 350 mph cruising speed and 31,000 ft maximum altitude. The HondaJet has slightly better specifications, but it is about twice as expensive.

(Image courtesy of The Points Guy/Benji Stawski)

Verijet charges a straightforward flat rate of $3,250 per hour for flights on this aircraft, including fuel. It doesn’t impose repositioning costs inside of its service zones and has bases in Florida, California, and New York. The airline distinguishes itself by making all flights completely carbon neutral at no additional cost.

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